Backpain is the WORST

Yes, let’s get the “you’re old” jokes out of the way.

I screwed my back at the weekend lifting heavy furniture. “POP” it said, “OW” I exclaimed, and while I went on with my day with a lot of pain, I had a shed to destroy and a skip to fill with rubbish.

Fast forward to today, and here I am, grown man ugly crying into my cereal. The pain is immense, and I can’t walk properly. I’ve dug out an old TENS machine, which is proving helpful accompanied with some painkillers, but good lord.

Anyone else suffer from frequent back mishaps? Any advice?


First thing, are you getting sharp pain that is shooting down either one of your legs? If yes, there is a likely sciatic nerve being pinched. It is pretty common and the best thing is to take the leg that has the shooting pain and tuck that leg towards your chest while sitting down and hold it for as long as it is comfortable. That will stretch out the nerve along the lower back and try to pull it away from the pinch point

Second thing, heat packs and NOT sitting at a desk are recommended.

Hit me up if you need any more advice. Being a sheet metal engineer, I’ve avoided back issues but I’ve helped many people with them, @Aetain deals with it daily.

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That’s why I need a handheld. I thinking of making one my self to go with my PC and later on with series X.

I am thinking of using this as the screen…

Will have to create it’s case on my own. After that stick it onto the mobile clip with a controler and plug in my HDMI into this. Good to go.

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Dude, I feel you. As @TheScarecrow101 said, I deal with chronic back pain daily. Hope it’s short lived and you’re back on your feet soon.

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@Sikamikanico I’ve messaged you a few bits of advice. The stuff mentioned above is all absolutely valid, keeping moving within your tolerance of discomfort is key.

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Just when I got recovered from my neck today (10 days struggling), I clicked my low lumbar and I’m locked again, seems like a promising week. I miss so much my time in Thailand, when I got a back incident I run to the nearest massage shop, those were really good. I also bought a couple of camphor ointments from there and it works to aliviate the pain.

Longer ago than I care to admit I lifted what I thought was a costume flight case out of a truck during a get in (I forget which show) it had been mislabelled and was in fact a Dimmerrack, I never found out the weight but given the flight case was as tall as it was it must have been 150kg.

My lifting partner got off light but the sensation I felt in my back was hot, and cold and like a fistful of elastic bands being pulled past their elastic limit.

I was off for weeks and it wasn’t til much later I found out I had Herniated the disc in my lower back, ever since with increasing regularity something will twist and the bulge will pop out again and pinch that sciatic nerve. I have never felt pain like it, It will make me weep all over from the sheer exhaustion as much as the pain.

Everyone else’s tips are all the same I would offer, keep as mobile as you possible can and DO NOT just lie in bed (not that that is any more comfy for me anyway). I find for me that heat and/or baths for the relief they offer just make me feel worse later, but it worth a try. When it has been truly dreadful I have had IV painkillers, and diazepam, and they work exceptionally well, however eventually you have to stop taking them. NSAIDS and paracetamol and codeine help me most of the time, finding some stretches, trying to move as much as you are comfortable, and as stupid as it sounds relaxing during breaks as much as possible so that the spasms don’t draw your muscles into stupid positions which then ache or fail to protect you from twisting another way.

When it comes to such pain I have no qualms about suggesting speaking to your doctor and getting what painkillers you can, the pain can be excrutiating and its not something you can just “suffer through” until it goes away, it will do more damage ion the long run.

All the best @Sikamikanico :green_heart:

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Chronic back pain here. Fractured spine as a teenanger. Obviously getting worse with age. Just diagnosed with lumbosacral arthritis this week to add to the list.

Be careful you don’t ignore the pain and let it become chonic. It puts a huge strain on relationships. My wife has cited it (and increasing pain irritability) as a major reason she is considering making our temporary separation permanent. I’m hoping new pain management and marriage counseling win out.

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New to these forums and upon browsing the topics this immediately resonated with me. I have actaully been convalescing for the last couple of months following surgery on my lower back (second surgery in 5 years, different vertebrae)

I am 35 with a 7 year old and have had back problems for years which I believe can be traced back to playing rugby at school. Got the point where I had constant pain down my leg caused by the disc having dislodged and pushing against my nerve.

I initially tried non invasive remedies (physiotherapist, swimming to strengthen core etc) to no avail. Sitting was the worst position for me (and I have a desk job).

Eventually got referred to a spine specialist and following MRI scans and consultation it was decided surgery was best for long term solution.

It has changed my life, would not be able to sleep properly before the surgery and whilst it is a lengthy recovery, it was well worth it for me. If you have regular problems with your back I highly recommend consulting with a specialist if it’s an option so as to identify whether or not an underlying reason is contributing to the problems.

Apologies for the lengthy post, as mentioned above, I am very sympathetic to back pain and back problems. Always happy to answer more questions on this topic of anyone needs.

*In regards to dealing with the pain now. Whilst you may feel like doing nothing, staying mobile is best. Walking, squats (with no weights) and other gentle stretches will help.


Really appreciate everyone’s comments, suggestions and sympathies! :slight_smile:

It’s getting a little better today, hopefully it’s on the mend!


I am so happy that surgery worked for you, I had an MRI too and it was suggested but in the end my consultant advised against given I could manage it with medication and exercise at the time. Its nice to know it is still an option though.



Absolutely. It wasn’t a decision taken lightly and definately not for everyone.

I now don’t require regular painkillers and can sleep. Still a way to go as need to build up core strength but my quality of life has drastically improved.

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A good matress goes a long way. Took me 5 years to find a good one. I recommend a pocketspring. Lidl has some very good ones.

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100 percent! We got a tempur mattress a while ago and that was an excellent (if pricey) choice.

A good bed is worth spending what you can afford and a little more. Same as pillows and knickers :slight_smile:

Yup. It’s really hard to find the right matress. Everyone’s backpain is also different. The one I recommend is quite cheap so it’s a good tryout. The middlehard one.

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I have had back problems for a lot of time. I used to be a warehouseman. The best thing is to walk a lot, everyday. your back kinda finds its optimal position naturally. The second best thing (compatible with the first one) is to do barbell workout. Not machines where you are locked, that is the worst.

Highly recommend chiropractic if you can afford it. And massage. And yoga or other stretching activities that strengthen and lengthen the back muscles. I try to do all of these things regularly, but even still it’s not a silver bullet. Also, it often goes unmentioned and is a bit gross, but we’re adults here so I’ll say that creating a healthy “bathroom routine” has been important to me for my back as it relieves tightness and pressure.

I did something similar a while ago. Tweaked my back lifting up my baby’s cot. Must have just twisted wrong. Pain for a week. Then numbness. Went to doctors who immediately sent me to A&E (emergency room in American) and had investigations followed by scans. Needed emergency surgery. My learning point was that back pain is unusually serious. Any loss of sensation or numbness or pins and needles or shooting nerve type symptoms are likely to be serious.

So if you ever have those get checked out straight away. If I hadn’t chances are I’d be paralysed today.

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