Back 4 Blood is launching on Xbox Game Pass October 13


Literally the definition of a perfect Game Pass game. I can see this game doing extremely well on Game Pass.

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@Shpeshal_Nick was this the “Fall AAA Shooter Day 1 into GamePass”?

I would like to find out. I always suspected this was the most likely candidate despite the assumptions it could be Battlefield.

Fucking awesome, will be there day one to play with my friends. Game Pass this year is bonkers.

The Battlefield one never made sense from EA’s perspective. They don’t need Gamepass at launch.

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Can’t you ever say yes or no like a normal person?


Cool, cool, gonna continue holding off on that Battlefield pre-order then.

Whoa, so BF could still be in play. Wild stuff.

Preload is up btw on the GamePass coming soon. It’s a 200 Meg placeholder, but it’s there, and it’ll look nice while we wait for October.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for this stuff.

I’m more then convinced that Nick was actually talking about B4B because it’s AAA by WB’s standards even if people don’t think so.

I wonder if full 4K support, uncapped framerate and DLSS will be available on Windows 10 via Microsoft Store for Xbox Game Pass for PC as well.

I heard that some of XGP for PC games aren’t a great ports on Microsoft Store in comparison to Steam.

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I hope it will. And that’s kinda true, at least in my experience with CONTROL.

Yep, I heard that CONTROL via XGP for PC is not a full PC experience. Same with some Bethesda games. Some MS Store games are like ported from console.

No lol, Control is missing the DLC, but it’s the PC version. Same with Bethesda games. And you can mod them, it’s just more tedious than on Steam.

So, is it support DLSS as well via XGP for PC?

It was just crashing for me which didnt appear to be an issue on Steam or Epic from what I googled… last i checked their 505 games support twitter was like “we cant repro it sorryyy” to the people asking about crashing

It does have DLSS, but idk if it’s the newest version of DLSS either. I can download off EGS bc they gave it away recently, but then I’d lose my progress…

We’re still so far with standardizing cross-progression system to many games.

Same with Back 4 Blood. It’ll have just cross-play. Which is still great, but more cross options would be great.

But we’re on the good direction.