Back 4 Blood already has over 6 million players


I’ve said it multiple times and I’ll say it until I will it into existence or am demonstrably proven wrong:

Turtle Rock sure seems like they’d be a great fit for Xbox Game Studios.


Agree. Do they own the B4B IP?

I think they own it. The trademark owner is located in the same location as Turtle Rock if I recall correctly.

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Game Pass doing some heavy lifting here.


BuT tHeY dOn’T bRiNg anYThIng vAluaBlE tO thE tAbLE!. Well… same case with Compulsion and Undead Labs and look what they are doing under XGS.


Good get this game was. Think it will have longer legs than Outriders thats for sure.

When the rumours started swirling earlier this year, it always seemed obvious to me that the game would be a good fit for Game Pass. It’s a more enjoyable Co-op experience for me so I say yes.

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I feel Forza Horizon 5 and Halo should sail past 15 and 20 million within a few weeks.


Even before release I always felt like they’d be a sensible target for an acquisition

Games like B4B feel like a perfect fit for GP

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I’ve been having a great time with friends. Really fun game. Has some flaws but overall it’s been one of my favorite games of the year

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This is another point I bring up repeatedly - Microsoft clearly knows this kind of genre has a lot of value for Game Pass. Over the last few years, these similar games have been/are in/are coming to Game Pass: World War Z, Deep Rock Galactic, Warhammer 2 Vermintide, Warhammer 40K Darktide, Anacrusis, Second Extinction, and more.

Bringing a team like Turtle Rock in-house could be mutually quite beneficial.


Damn… Gamepass finally hitting it

Imagine FH5 and Halo Infinte on Gamepass

Halo F2P will be even bigger :scream:

Great game with 3 and 4 friends. With 2 people it gets a bit ojn the harder side but doable. Hopefully they can balance the game more.

Halo will be vastly superior and have longevity so yeah.

I played B4B for about an hour and quit. Absolute borefest by yourself or with randoms. I’m sure it’s fun with friends who play it with you. Noone I know likes that sort of game anyway.

I’ve been saying it for the longest - an acquisition of Turtle Rock makes a lot of sense for MS.

Thee numbers are great so far.

Imagine what they could do with first party resources from the go?