Azure Striker Gunvolt series


I recently decided to check this game out. Bought 1 and I have to say this game is insanely fun and the replay value with the challenges and rankings is really cool. I’m definitely gonna buy 2 and 3 is brand new that comes out next week. I remember actually playing this briefly for 3DS waaay back but never thought much of it. If you like Megaman X series you’ll love this series. Really really cool game that somehow flew by me.

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I bought 1 and 2 waiting for 3, I just need to finish 2 and stop starting new games every other week.

I’m just happy that the mainline is coming to Xbox including 3, when it was exclusive to Switch. To me, that’s a good sign for Japan relationship with Xbox. That all said I’m going to try this game soon. Looks pretty fun.


3 coming day 1 is massive. Its been 8 years since the release of 2 although the arc IX spin off series was msde as well. Both of which are on xbox and im probbaly gonna check those out too.


So Gunvolt 3 isnt coming to xbox until next week. Thats cool as the game isn’t even on PC or PS4. I did pre order it so hopefully it comes out on xbox soon.

I beat the first game and it was a ton of fun but this game was made for actual TV screens and not tiny handheld.

I want to bump this thread just to say, support Gunvolt on Xbox!

These might be the toughest Inti Creates 1000Gs yet. You have to complete all challenges which means getting S+ rank on every level.

I did complete the iX spinoffs, I will try my damndest to do these too.

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Playing through 3 love the game

The only downside is the random gatcha crap they added in