Avowed - Official Announce Trailer


Looked cool. Shame this type of game/setting isn’t really my jam

The first glimpse to Xbox as an RPG powerhouse. I think this will surprise people in 2022, when we’re close to the launch of this and Fable. And at that time the inXile project will have been announced too.


What? Really? This is my shit. I’m so in for some Skyrim type shit. I’m trying out Pillars 1 on PC now so I can get into the lore. I figure I have some years before it releases.

An interesting video for people who want to learn more about Avowed, the world of Pillars and the trailer.

I’m playing Pillars of Eternity for the first time right now. The world appears to have potential. Feels like there’s a lot of depth and places to take the world. It’s on Game Pass if anyone is interested in a retro Balders Gate type of game. Play if you’re prepared to do a lot of reading.


This and fable are my most hyped next gen games. Please that Xbox is committed to bringing AAA games.

I strongly recommend to check out Pillars of Eternity games (or lore, videos, etc) before going all in into Avowed. Obsidian built a massive world with those 2 games already released, and a lot of things from this new project will tie with things they established previously.

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My biggest moment of the July showcase. For all of Skyrim‘s popularity, there are very few games like it out there. With the Pillars universe fully developed already, Avowed will be great!

If its anything like Skyrim I am going to love with that said I loved the trailer for it

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Beyond hyped for this. With any luck we will see some new content before long.


Just the concept of Obsidian getting to make a big budget RPG again after all these years makes me so damn excited.

Really happy that it also uses the world they built with the pillars of eternity games as a backbone. That they didn’t just discard it and decided to expand on the world of Eora.

Seeing that glowing hand I was instantly reminded of the old The Wheel of Time game, which I believe was one of the first games licensing Epic’s then spanking new Unreal Engine.

Really looking forward to this. This was my “definitely getting a series X” moment

You might be waiting a while for that Series X lol. Just the fact it’s Obsidian making a big budget RPG again is enough to make me sit up and take notice.

Cant wait for this.

Great new IP! Look forward to seeing more in the future!