Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Trailer+Gameplay (Ubisoft Forward) Releases December 7th, 2023

So we got a new trailer, a release date for december 7th and the first gameplay at Ubisoft Forward.

It’s Far Cry: Avatar and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

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Game will do numbers. Avatar is a massive IP. With the recent mega success of Avatar 2, and with Avatar 3 movie coming in 2024. This game will do crazy numbers.

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I dislike the Avatar franchise, but this game looks really good. Between this and Star Wars, Ubisoft might become a juggernaut in the licensed IP games business. As shown by Hogwarts and Spiderman, the open world formula fits licensed games well.


Avatar looked great. Day one via Ubisoft+ for me!!!


Yeah I was thinking about Ubisoft+ if I’m too tight on budget. It’s a great way to try the game.

I figure I can play and complete the game in a month for a $20 monthly rental and since Ubisoft puts their dlc/expansions on Ubisoft+ on release day, I can always do the same for them as well once released.

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This didn’t do anything really for me. I just don’t like Avatar, it’s probably that simple.

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Me too. Game visual looks ok but gameplay looks horrid.

I despise Avatar anyway.

I’m willing to bet it won’t be as successful just because of an IP that’s entirely movie based.

Hogwarts Legacy would like a word.

Anything with Harry Potter, Avatar, Star Wars, Spiderman. Will do numbers.


I like Avatar but the game didnt do it for me. Something about the combat looked a bit odd. Was hyped before but now not so much

Well see. Harry potter game like hogwarts was wanted for a while. Its a much bigger IP and has huge fandom

Its like saying fast movies made a billion so the games shoudl sell well or a titanic game. Avatar has a polarising audience and the movies make a lot due to the overhyp3d nature of james cameron movies.

Hogwarts was also an rpg.

Nothing about this game looks like it will be a huge selling game. But well see. Looks overhyped imo.

I think you be wrong on this one mate. Avatar Game looks good, there is no denying that.

Far Cry in the world of Avatar? Sounds great to me. Can’t wait!!


Looks, I dunno, all right? I like Avatar but this just kind of looks like a Far Cry sequel. Not going to lie, I would be more into it if it was third person.

Finally watched it in 4K, and the live stream didn’t do the graphics justice, it looks amazing! I don’t like the Avatar franchise though (terrible story, indigenous people/white savior tropes), and this showing hasn’t shown me they’ll do better in those aspects, so I’ll likely skip it.