[AV Watch] Jim Ryan: "creating a special low priced, reduced spec console is something that has not had great results in the past.”

Firstly nothing like the series X/S has ever been done.

Secondly Jim Ryan should probably stop talking as he’s just digging holes for himself and the trust has been eroded.

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Then why did he create the PS5???


When did a console maker launch two models like this in recent memory? With one being more powerful than the other and not just bundle, storage and such differences? If lower tier models sell worse, why are Pro and One X not outselling their cheaper and weaker counterparts? If power is all that matters, why is Switch outselling everything?

I don’t understand this statement at all.


I have seen evidence that this was a mistranslation of a Japanese interview that was itself mistranslated. When he said “not great results” he may have been speaking about Sony itself and specifically that part of Sony which sells 4k TVs and wants to encourage adoption of new technology.

He has said quite a few things that don’t look great but this probably isn’t one of them.

Media bias, as expected.


Still, even if he says in regards to just cheaper consoles and lower spec. Basically the only disaster from the big makers were the Dreamcast. And Dreamcast didn’t failed because no one wanted them. It failed because Sega was so bad at marketing that though they would get distroyed once ps2 launched and didn’t accounted for the fact that once the ps2 units were sold out people would buy more DCs too.

So when they did the Sega Net thingy at the holidays and ended up destroying their first to be profitable years since the Mega Drive/Genesis their parent company (CSK) decided to remove them from the console market and sell them.

All other cheaper consoles ended up getting more market because they were cheaper.

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Did anyone figure out wtf Jim was talking about here?

Imagine if Phil got on the microphone and just said “typically when 2 consoles Next-gen consoles are launched with and without disc drives, they don’t do well”. Just totally fabricated something. We would never hear the end of it.

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His statement is so bizarre and wrong. It’s like he never touched a game console in his life and answered something anyone can say, just to be vague and explain nothing.

How about : our strategy was to have one console that is easy to develop for, so having another cheaper SKU would have make things more difficult.

Simple. Honest. Clear.

But no, he chose to go the ‘suit speech’ route.

I thought I would never say that, but bring back Shawn Layden. He was much more likeable.


And Phil would at least be more accurate because the PSP all digital was a failure, and S all digital only sold well towards the end of year last year when it was significantly discounted compared to the disc one.

it would be ironic if the XsS architecture ends up being used for PsNow