'Autobahn Police Simulator 3' Now Available on Xbox One Consoles

Originally published at: 'Autobahn Police Simulator 3' Now Available on Xbox One Consoles - XboxEra

Developer Z-Software and publisher Aerosoft has announced that its ‘Autobahn Police Simulator 3’ title is now available on Xbox One consoles. Previously available on Xbox Series, PlayStation consoles, and PC, the developer has made a playable version for last generation consoles. Purchasing the Xbox One edition also nets you the Series version for your inevitable move to current gen. The game is available for 29,99 EUR/USD on the Xbox Store.

Per the press release:

From today, Xbox One players can navigate through 40 policing missions, mirroring the real-life duties of Autobahn police officers, as well taking their police car through “Free Play” mode, featuring 100 random operations for players to accept, including flagging down suspicious vehicles with the iconic “Bitte Folgen” sign and engaging in high-speed chases.

In the pursuit of justice, conduct thorough inspections for alcohol, drugs, and vehicle roadworthiness. Cover a 40 km stretch, experiencing the Autobahn’s highs and lows, with speed checks and unmarked police cars adding an extra layer of challenge.

“We’re thrilled to bring Autobahn Police Simulator 3 to the Xbox One, responding to the passionate requests from folks in our community who’ve been asking us to release on the platform,” says Dirk Ohler, Head of Product at Aerosoft. “We invite you to experience the rush, fun and laughs of our classic game!”

Have a gander at the trailer and screenshots below for more information on Autobahn Police Simulator 3.