Auto HDR is a game changer. Ace Combat 7, Batman AK & RDR gameplay

I thought this deserved its own thread, because this feature is just amazing. It’s a week old, but I don’t think I saw it posted here. It was in my recommendations list on Youtube. It’s in French, I’ve no idea what he says but the footage is awesome. It shows a direct and crystal clear difference. Awesome stuff. AC7, Batman AK and RDR are all shown. I cannot wait to play with this feature.


The BC team at Xbox has achieved some insane results over the past few years, and the Series upgrades are beyond anything I would have expected, even with that benchmark set by themselves. Auto HDR is an incredible feat in itself and this (along with the rest of the improvements) just further proves why Microsoft have some of the best engineers in the world.


Absolutely, and the fact that this seems to be proper, actual HDR too is incredible. We still have some games where HDR is fake and here comes the Xbox BC team throwing in actual HDR in games that never had it. This feature alone is reason for me to fire up all my games in the backlog again.

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For me as well. My back catalog has only increased exponentially over this last gen as my engineering position ate more and more of my time as the years have gone on (to be expected I suppose), so there are tons of titles that I haven’t even given the proper play time.