Atomic Heart to be published by Focus Entertainment, delayed to winter - Gematsu

“Five years ago, when we founded the studio, we set ourselves the goal of creating a world-class product that could be appreciated by millions of people all over the world,” said Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni in a press release. “And now, when the stakes are as high as ever, we are finally ready to release the momentum we have been accumulating over these years. We couldn’t be happier to head to the release with such an experienced publisher, and we have no doubt that Focus Entertainment will make the upcoming game launch truly outstanding.”

Focus Entertainment chief business development officer Julien Ramette added, “It’s an honor to collaborate with a studio as talented as Mundfish. We were amazed by Robert and his teams’ creative minds as soon as we started exchanging. The AAA standards they’ve provided for their first game is truly an accomplishment. Atomic Heart is sure to honor all players in search of an original, new generation experience.”


Could be by December but doubt it. Unfortunate.

Glad to see them being located in Russia doesn’t mean anything for releasing the game! Unfortunate about the delay, not a surprise though.

My guess is early 2023. And great pick up by Focus Entertainment who’s becoming one hell of a publisher the last few years.

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On the stream chat I said “winter” likely means February 2023, cause everything else is landing then.

Would be a awesome start of the year man, for sure.

This news is not surprising but at the same time it is a little. They had that release window trailer earlier this year with “ber” at the end, seemed like they had a set month in place. Ah well.

Early 2023 is gonna be exhausting if everything projected then lands. Too much stuff.

December is still possible…

But that is not really a delay since we only knew about 'ber" officially. :slight_smile:

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Winter is from the third or so week of December to the third or so week of March so my bet would be early 2023. There is an empty release window of late February/early March but at the same time, Jedi Survivor and/or Crisis Core could be releasing in that time period and who knows what else.

One thing is certain - the first quarter of 2023 is going to be packed and stacked.

Agreed. Remains to be seen if the games that are currently dated for the first quarter of 2023 stay or get pushed back a few weeks/months. By The Game Awards, the first quarter of 2023 should hopefully be crystal clear.


I was a little disappointed because I am hyped for this one, but it is still coming to Game Pass early next year. And the announcement of Gungrave GORE coming to Game Pass on day one on November 22nd really makes up for this in the short term for me :slight_smile:

2023 is getting absurd for Game Pass especially. Somerville, Replaced, Stalker 2, Atomic Heart, Planet of Lana (+ stuff I’m likely forgetting) all likely in first half, along with Redfall, Forza and Starfield, plus maybe (fingers crossed) Halo will catch its stride in March. It might surpass their back half 2021 even.

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If it is 2023, 2023 might be a bloodbath. Especially winter.

With so many games coming they can easily delay some games further because it could get too crowded. But I hope none of that would be XGS. But that would mean the games are done, but just put on halt for release. This ever happened before? Not really, right?

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Not that I know of. 2021 showed that they can have a notable release every few weeks and everything still does really well, so think they can make this work. That said, I do agree they might wanna move some stuff depending on what the back half looks like.