Atomic Heart - Official Release Window Trailer

Getting very excited about this game. It truly looks like a communist Bioshock. The trailer states it will release this year in a month ending in ‘ber’ so expect it to be a Q4 game. It’s also day one on game pass.

Anyway, I’m very excited about this game, though I will probably play it with subtitles in its native language, because the English voice acting sounded rough in the trailer lol.


Lip Sync seemed terrible, but other wise looks wild and awesome.

I think because the original language is Russian instead of English.


So they keep this release window so that they have some room if a delay is needed. It’s kinda clever.

Ah, that would make sense.

Can’t believe we now have “release window trailers” :joy:

Like I know release date trailers were the thing, and general trailers with release windows at the end but never explicitly saw a game have a release window trailer.

I takes place in some kind of alternate reality in the USSR between 1930 and 1960 where technologies like internet, robots and holograms have already been invented. You play a special agent who has been sent to investigate a factory that has shutdown and where robots have began to kill people.

It doesn’t explain everything on that trailer, but I guess I can see now where they’re going with it.

Looks amazing!

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The good kind of jank.

I’m following this game for quite some time, can’t wait to play it!

Hoping it gets proper localizations because the VO being dubbed would really suck. Besides that, WOW that is a nice looking game! I wanna learn about the story but the visuals, aesthetic, atmosphere and how it looks to play is really something special! 0.0

That sweet smell of European ‘jank’ to be more precise lol.

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Not my type of game at all but damn, Atomic Heart looks great!!!

yeah i think it’s just dubbed over because russian trailer looks good

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