Atomic Heart Gameplay - "Plyush" Mini Boss Fight

This game is honestly looking more and more hype. Glad it isn’t vaporware like many were speculating. Now Mick Gordon is scoring the game, so expect some super gritty rip and tear hard as fuck music!

Honestly would be amazing to somehow get this on Game Pass down the line if not day 1 haha

This and Bright Infinite Memory :eyes:

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I have really high hopes for this game. I hope it can live up to the dev’s ambitions.

game has no right to look this good

there’s a lot of talent in eastern europe

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It looks super cool. I am interested since the reveal 3 years ago. Love that soviet setting.


Talent and cheap labor force would be a great investment for future endeavours. If i was looking to invest in studios I would monopoly eastern europe as quick as I can.

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Oh man. I’ve been following this game for a while now. I can’t wait to actually play it. Such a cool world to play in. Looks amazing graphically too. Hope this comes to Series X with ray-tracing!

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I’m super hyped for Bright Memory Infinite. I have watched every trailer at least 5 times each. Looks great and the gameplay/combat looks very fluid and polished considering that the game has been mainly developed by Zeng Xiancheng is insane.

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Have you seen the newest trailer?

This game looks great. Hyped from day 1.

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This game looks absolutely stunning, love the atmosphere of it

What is this? First I heard of it. Looks great. And Mick Gordon???

My interest, it is piqued.

Yes, I have. I have seen them all with the extra few seconds at the end. Looks amazing and the combat looks great. If there’s at least a good story in the game, I will be very happy!!!

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Agree :slight_smile:

This game is definitely on my radar now.

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