At Xbox, you are the center of gaming


A great time to be in the Xbox ecosystem. Compare this to 2013 when TV and Sports were the centre of gaming.


after being with xbox from day 1 it amazing to see the way they have evolved in to the company they are now


Amen, this was a huge red flag for me as an early cord-cutter and someone who’s entirely uninterested in watching sports. So happy to see the difference here! Can’t give enough credit to the team, they had a hell of a job turning things around and I hope they get the recognition they deserve.

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Hell yea we have 6 weeks left ladies and gentlemen till we jump in the dawn of a new generation of Xbox


:joy:. Too funny

I love the image from Microsoft though. It clearly shows that in the Xbox ecosystem you choose where you want to play and Xbox will come to you and not the other way round.

If Xbox is gonna get popular then it is gonna get popular with this strategy.

They need to attract gamers from outside of the console ecosystem into the Xbox platform.

People inside the ecosystem are hardly going switch - BC takes care of it.

It’s the new Gen - not the 9th console gen but new Gen of gamers which are important for Xbox.

That why, for Xbox - gamers are at the center :sunglasses:

Yeah its a great strategy. It just reminded me of my dealings with the borg for some reason.

:joy:. As long as you were not assimilated that’s the main thing.

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No me and my bro Picard killed the borg queen :laughing:


Xbox has killed it with their marketing, seems like they are publishing content daily now.

As it should be.

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How dare they accuse me of being a centrist. /s


Comply. Prepare to be assimilated into the Xbox Collective. :grinning:

Man, MS and Xbox have nailed it for the most part.

With the exception of a few missteps - that were very minor in my opinion - their marketing and messaging has been spot on. Because of the botched Xbox One reveal and launch I didn’t come back to their ecosystem until I picked up an Xbox One X in 2018. I’m so happy to have made that decision with the trajectory they’re on.


This all seems like a subtle confirmation that everything will be PC/Xbox/Cloud from now on