At long last the Observer: Ray tracing patch is here for the Xbox Series X

Took them long enough but just got an Observer update and booted the game up and Ray Tracing is now a chooseable option in the video settings.

Booted up my save and walked around for a minute and performance was fine in that section so good news all around.


Is this a separate version (i.e a paid upgrade to the original version?) - I did start this, but thought the perf was super rough on Xbox One. If that’s been improved for Series X|S, then I’d give it another go.

Yes, it’s listed as observer redux on the store @ 25 quid.

They did do a cheaper upgrade offer (£5 or so) but only for a really short time and with little to no publicity for owners of the original so many missed out.

so is it a 4k 60fps thing or 30fps due to ray tracing? Thanks.

I’ll have more time to play it today, I doubt it is 4k 60 with ray tracing on, for the few mins I walked around after enabling ray tracing it was pretty smooth though.

The game was really sluggish when it launched but had several patches before the Ray Tracing patch to fix the framerate.

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