Assassins creed Valhalla will be a launch title for Xbox Series X|S

Also just announced that assassins creed Valhalla will be realised on the 10th November. so we get to see this amazing looking game in all its glory on day 1 of the realise of the series s/x November is looking to be a great month


i also heard somewhere on twitter it’s now 4k 60 on Series X?


Not sure that is in any way confirmed. Seems to be from a translated tweet - and we all know how those end up…

If true, I can see it being mentioned tomorrow during Ubisoft Forward.

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Yeah normally I’d say it was for sure confirmed, but with the Far Cry 6 awkward mistake it might be best to wait for tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Shinobi is saying it.


It was an official PR sent by ubi, the Chinese site just shared it early.

But yeah they are promising 4k60 on SX :heart_eyes:


4K 60fps :astonished:I wouldn’t believe, specially from ubi

I really need to hurry up with my playthrough of the entire Assassin’s Creed series… I have all the DLC for everything to so it takes a while. I’m at Syndicate now! Wish me luck…

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I haven’t even finished the last DLC for Origins, and I yet have to do a full-dive into Odyssey. Think this one can wait for a bit for me, haha.

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This launch has a buttload of 100 hour+ games. Damn.


It is indeed 4K 60fps. Indeed XSX is a beast. Lots of doubters and trash talkers head shotted. Always having concern on one side just on purpose. Go home now. Lol.

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Very surprised that Valhalla was moved up a week as that’s just rare. Won’t be played day one but the Digital Gold Edition will be purchased day one. 4K/60FPS is great. Expecting HDR as well which will make it even better.

4k60 on Series X? Launching day and date? Yea I’m getting this day one.

Probably Microsoft asked them to so they can help out with launch. Seems Yakuza XS version has been moved up too (3 days)

Did they say assasins creed will be 60fps on a as well?

Yep it will be 4k60 on XSX 1

I really hope that AC Origins and Odyssey get a patch for 4k 60fps on the Series X.

I hope Ubisoft removes the leveling enemy system. I hated it in Oblivion and especially in Odyssey.

I doubt Ubisoft will ever do it, but you never know, Microsoft might cook something up for it.