Assassin's Creed Valhalla New Story trailer + additional details (updated)

Looks good! I yet have to make meaningful progress with Odyssey so I’m in no rush, but I’ll definitely play it. Hype around this one seems rather muzzled but viking AC is a great idea.

New gameplay trailer cut and edited by JorRaptor from IGN’s three “Be A Viking” videos. Quite simply, looks fucking great!!!

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Really can’t wait, first time I’m getting the gold edition of an AC game at launch lol

So, I watched those 3 ign videos with my wife and we were laughing and I’ve honestly never, ever been so hyped for an Assasins Creed game in my life.

In remember pre-ordering AC 4: Black Flag and the season pass at GameStop 7 years ago. I did eventually buy the Gold Edition for AC Origins after launch while AC Odyssey was day one for the Gold Edition as my Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked membership was coming to an end and they sent me an 20% off coupon so I would up getting $120 version for like $70 or something like that. It was a steal.

I will be pre-ordering AC Valhalla Gold Edition digitally the week before the game releases. Looks great and there’s new gameplay being shown at 12pm EST today via Twitch. It’s on their Twitter page.

It looks good I admit for a cross gen game even the framerate and the fluidity is good. The game has been way more polished since last time. Hope it will be in GamePass.

There’s not a single AC game in Game Pass and to be honest, I see it as highly unlikely but you never know. 4K/60FPS with HDR on Xbox Series X. I’m in!!! LOL.

Valhalla is my most anticipated game for the rest of 2020 even though im saving it for January. Hehehe.

I expect uplay plus will eventually come to xbox, but no certainly won’t come to gamepass.

Just the atmospheric feeling in that trailer is better than Odyssey.

It is especially the 4k60 that attracts me and more precisely the 60fps part lol

I’m seriously contemplating breaking my rule of always playing everything in order for this… I’m only at Syndicate in the AssCreed Series but Valhalla looks so damn interesting. Must…resist…

Super hyped for this! AC is hit and miss for me but I loved Origins and Odyssey. This and Destiny 2 will be my heavy hitters for the Series X launch.

bruh ngl this looks waaaaaaay better than what was shown in July.

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Yep indeed it looks way way better. I really liked the trailer. So imagine with other games like Halo Infinite when you give devs more time they can produce great results.


The game looks so much better, looks amazing compared to July, what happened lol

Order doesnt matter anymore for these games tbh.

For me, it’s literally EVERYTHING. I have watched the JorRaptor trailer 5 times already. Getting ready to watch the AC Valhalla walkthrough that Ubisoft did a few hours ago. But first, WD Legion overview trailer. Hehehe.

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Yeah I know, it’s more of a personal issue tbh haha.

I’m really surprised in a good way that for once, Ubisoft made an upgrade this time lol

I was used to downgrade in the past with them (Watch Dogs, Rainbox Six etc) But this time really greatly surprised by AC Valhalla graphical quality.

Keep it up Ubisoft! Just improve your game design, less bloat also and be more precise on the sense of micro details in everything and you will be on the good way

It looks really cool in a lot of scenes. But there is one thing which really bugs me. Why are they still using the same horsemodel they used back in AC Origins? It just looks ugly and like a toy. Probably wont bother most people, but I already hated it back in 2017. Ubisoft has so many cool ideas and they do some amazing technical things in their games, but their is always this ubisoft cheapness in their games. I will wait for the reviews and decide then, but will probably pass on this.