Assassin's Creed Unity 59p in the UK on CDKeys

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Here’s the link: Assassin's Creed Unity - | Xbox One | CDKeys


Thanks for the heads up man got one for me and another for a friend really appreciate it

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This goes on sale for less than a dollar all the time lol.

I reckon I’ve bought a copy for everyone I know.

How many codes could they possibly have left?


I got one years ago for not much more, there must have been soooooo many codes in that marketing push, was it Xmas 2014?


Looks like it, that’s the year it came out and also when they had the console bundles. That’s when I got my first Xbox One & it came with Black Flag and Unity.

So many Bundles! Heh I tired it once I think but the pop in of the NPC’s was so jarring I have’t touched it since. Perhaps not being on base Xbone helps nowadays.

I’ll be honest, haven’t really played much of it either. Had enough other stuff and actually didn’t really like AC at the time, just got a good deal on one then. Think I maybe got 150 off or something. I’ve played most of them since Origins came out, but still only the first 30 minutes of Unity.

Still too expensive.

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