As Dusk Falls pre-load is up and it is *51gb on Series X

That what I be doing for any game I interested in and may turn out I do not need to download a game. might run good of the cloud


True the fact that you can try most of all the game on Gamepass through the cloud on your console without download them is to me 1 of the best feature that no one seem to talk about it is so convenient


How does one actually stream on the console?

Multiple ways. From a titles GameCard you have an option to Play Via xCloud or Install. You can even pin into your own list(s) an xCloud Game after you start it and use that to restart it from the cloud.

I have an “Inprogress” list and had pinned multiple xCloud titles in there along with locally installed titles too. I played and finished True Colors entirely from xCloud. Never had any issues except for the time when local ISP had major packet loss and speeds were down to 3 mbit/s down and 1.75 kbit/s up (yes k-bit).

The shortcuts have a cute little cloud icon on them.

I don’t know what a “titles game card” is. Go to Game Pass and do… something?

Okay to Start from the beginning,

Turn on Console

Goto GamePass from Dashboard panel

Select a title you’re interested in, for instance lets pick Farcry 5. What is shown at this point is called the Game Card.

You have options of Install All, Cloud Play, Manage, Show in Microsoft Store, Add to Play Later, and Go to Official Club

That 2nd option is but one navigation path on how you can play from cloud.

The other way is is once a game is launched, you can pin the cloud title into your own group. From that point on it will launch the title on xCloud.

Otherway to get to Game Card, might be after game is installed or linked from a GamePass Quest or Rewards Quest:


Ooh, day of the tentacle!

Series S has a smaller install size. It’s at ~24 GB. Really looking forward to Tuesday!!

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70 gigabininos

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Cloud: 0 bytes

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Theres no Xcloud in Colombia yet :cccccc


Im very conflicted if i want to play this. Nothing about the style interests me. Ill wait for reviews because i want to start Somnium 2 next week too

If you have the Game Pass you can just try it don’t need to wait for any reviews


Is them 4K stills of moving image really add another 25GB to this it weird lol

Definitely gonna give it a shot. I don’t dig the art style at all, but that goes for Pentiment too and yet I can see that story and experience being very worth it.

Yeah but that would require the effort of putting some hours in. Like reviews will tell me if its an amazing story i need to experience or not. Well see anyway.

You should not trust review totally since it is all subjective

It is he say she say thing it is a different thing for everyone that plays it

So if you can actually play the game with game pass why not just try it out If the Cloud gaming is available in your region/country

the game releases Tuesday, I’d imagine the review embargo is soon! (I’m not doing it for our site :slight_smile: )

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Positive reviews so far !