Art and Creativity thread

Back when i joined the Xboxera forums I mentioned in the introduction thread that I was a 3D artist hoping to get a job in the industry, Sik recommended to I showed my work off on here which i said i hoped to finish shortly. That was back in July. Anyway, finally got my scene to a presentable stage.

Wasnt anywhere on here to post it without starting a new thread, so Ive decided to start a new thread not just for my own artwork, but for all you artsy types on here to show of any artwork you may or may not be proud off. Doesnt have to be anything digital or gaming related, anything creative, as long as it follows he forums code of conduct, is welcome to be shown offand critised. Even if you film yourself turning the light switch on and off

Anyway, heres my contribution that kickstarts the all thing

EDIT: Was hoping the thread would automatically preview my portfolio link for you, but it doesnt look like thats the case, so ill add my own



I’m a 3D artist too (do graphic design/motion graphics as well) so I’m glad to see a fellow artist here and this thread could be a great avenue for sharing our works. :muscle:

I have an artstation but haven’t uploaded much there. I do have a more populated and updated Behance profile where I post my 3D stuff, motion graphics, archviz and all that stuff.

Here’s my Behance portfolio:|Ruthwik%20rao

And here are some of the artworks I’ve done over the past year or so.


Looks awesome man, glad to see another 3D artist on here. You clearly have a much bigger range than myself, ive been working on the same scene for 2 years

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Very cool work people. I’m a qualified graphic designer / illustrator but don’t do much these days because of poor health. I won’t post any of it here but you can search my name on Instagram if you want a wee peek. Nothing compared to your work though.

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