Arstechnica: "Series X is a fundamental game-changer in terms of console power"

Like I said in my 2019 review, Gears 5 offers a smorgasbord of modes, and many of them max out at 60fps on Series X. But the versus matchmaking suite can go all the way to the system’s 120fps maximum all while running at 4K resolution. I immediately booted my PC version of the game and created dummy lobbies in order to create like-for-like comparisons to show you how a $500 console’s 120fps mode compares to the same thing on a $1,500+ PC:

If you’re struggling to notice any differences, you’re not alone. What’s crazier is, these crisp, detailed images full of handsome touches are appearing in isolation, as opposed to the dazzlingly smooth flipbook effect of running, somersaulting, and shotgunning at 120fps. Yet Xbox Series X doesn’t sweat in rendering these frames at a blistering 8.33 millisecond threshold with barely any noticeable lurches in my hours of testing (and, again, with zero noticeable noise spewing out of the console at peak load). There’s no getting around it: Series X is a fundamental game-changer in terms of console power, and Gears 5 's buttery smooth 120fps toggle has me instantly excited at the prospect of other console-game developers following suit.


Interesting. I think XSX will surprise a lot of people come launch.

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Awesome article. Thanks for sharing.

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