A snowy and foggy arena map classic design and great for FFA battles due to a very open design.

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Cmon @SnackLord6 - give us more than a stock image to go on! :wink:

Just went to give the map a try. Nothing much to see the map is not really playable or enjoyable at this moment. Don’t give up try to increment, add buildings, maybe teleporters, add covers and maybe scale down the map for FFA. You did a good job with the snowy vibe, keep forging! :wink:

Thank you for the feedback this is my first map this forge and will be making changes and more maps.

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How do you get a screenshot on XBOX Series S? Because I would like to add one but I don’t know how.

Pressing the share button once should get you a screenshot. I say should because this is completely customizable but I believe the default will give you a screenshot. If you have the Xbox app on your phone you’re able to see the screenshot there and then save it or share it.

Thank you I will put one up when I have the chance also I have added more to the map and have republished it should say v16 please tell if it doesn’t