Arena of Death // W22

My quake 3 Arena of Death remake/reimagining is now live and ready to download Upscaled to fit halos game settings with some small tweaks to the layout, most notable at the far corner which is now more open with a passthrough to the middle of the arena.

Weapons on map x1 Mangler X1 Disruptor X2 Bandit Rifle x1 Heatwave X1 Gravity Hammer X1 SPNKR X1 commando X1 Pulse Carbine

Equipment on map X1 Active Camo X1 Repulser X1 Plasma grenade pad

Optimal player count 2-8 players

Works best with FFA but teams also work. Set up for FFA/Team Slayer FFA/Team Oddball Fiesta

Let me know your thoughts. And thank you for checking it out.


A version will come later with my quake settings scripts and health pickups/item pick ups This version is unfortunately delayed due to a bug with scripting that don't allow health pick ups to be interacted with smoothly creating.

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