Are you inetested in buying All Access or purchasing out right?

So what are you guys doing to buy (if you are at all) into the next generation? I’m actually leaning toward All Access, the super low barrier to entry is very tempting and frees up my finances for that month.

  • Xbox All Access - Series X
  • Xbox All Access - Series S
  • Full Purchase - Series X
  • Full Purchase - Series S
  • Not buying just yet

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been saving up for a while so full purchase series x for me

Same. All Access is a great option for folks who would be inconvenienced by spending the whole $500 at once, but I won’t so I’d rather make the purchase and then just have it done with.

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Full purchase of the X, but I might also do All access for the S.

yer all access is epic and an amazing deal. but since i found out the series x was coming out i just put a small amount away every week now got plenty to cover it plus a bit spare

Buying either the x or s, not sure. I do occasionally see deals for either buy 3 months get 3 months or half price gp ultimate from Newegg / Amazon, so that would be cheaper than paying full price for 2 years or even the small discount. I also have about $400 in credit from the Microsoft store currently, and gp ultimate through Nov 2022, so… no need to do all access and have to finance it at the moment.

Full Purchase for Xbox Series X. Game Pass is amazing and one of the reasons why imgoing with Xbox Series X as my primary gaming console for next generation but I won’t stay subscribed. I would subscribe for $10 a month, play the one or two games that I want to play and then cancel. I will then repeat the process when there’s one or two other games that I want to play.

Im going for the full purchace mainly because I’m already subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate for the next two years :blush:

All Access is a fantastic deal and I may use it for PS5 if Sony competes but nah for Xbox. I want to buy my Series X, and I save more by buying years of Game Pass Ultimate on Black Friday.

Think I will trade in my X1S and X1X towards XSX full purchase and finance the XSS for the bedroom. Only concern of mine is not having a console in the interim. :confused:

Why not buy PS5 outright and then finance XSX instead? I bet lots of ppl go that route.

Because I save $150 getting Xbox day 1

I might have, but they don’t offer it in The Netherlands.

Series X at full price, as I’ve got 33months of GPU left to run. I usually top up when there’s a good deal around-and there’s been plenty lately.

Just thinking, does anyone think this will move the needle on XSS/XSX ‘sales’? Meaning will they shift 10-15 million units from Nov 20 to Dec 21? Or is 5-6 million more likely? I’m trying to understand how Microsoft defines success here to the point that they continue investing in XGS and future hardware.

I will buy it outright, no interesting in having a payment plan for such a low cost but this will help a ton of people who want to walk out of the store with a next gen console at lowest entry point

No payments for me - cash is the only way to buy anything, with the exception of a house

I’ll get Series X paying upfront, putting in all the Microsoft Rewards points I accumulated to get 20%+ off the price. I’ve been using my money with this purchase in mind, it’s been long planned that I’ll have to part ways with approx. 500 Euros.

Buying outright, also have 3 years of gamepass already anyway.

I’m going to buy one Series X outright and trade in both our household One X consoles towards it. Hopefully that gets me half or more of the way towards the purchase.

Then I’ll buy a second one through All Access. Be nice to lock in GPU at a specific price and with my wife on mat leave the cheaper upfront cost will make a game purchase or two in the first couple months more appealing. Especially where these are 0% loans. My mortgage will be up for renewal in spring 2022 so I’ll likely pay off the remaining balance in January or February 2022 just because the plan is to go into mortgage re-negotiation debt free.

Anyone know how preorders for All Access is working? Or if they will exist at all? I’d prefer to do it online but understand they might need you in person.