Are XsX/PS5 a bigger leap then X1/PS4 were?

I know its to early to have a definitive answer to this but which do you think will have the biggest leap? I think X1/PS4 gen will so far, simply because of of diminishing returns, this gen just ending saw the widespread use of physicaly based shaders and lighting, vastly increased polycounts, wood started to look like wood, metal looked like metal , puddles would look real. So far the improvements seem more subtle and a new technologies are not replacing the ones popular in this gen, Demon souls remastered looks fantastic but its still using a lot of the same techniques used in this gen same goes for rachet and clank. I expect environments to get more detailed, baked lighting to be used less and real time lighting to be used more, framerate will be higher, resolution will be what the mid gen consoles were, physics simulations and effects will be more sophisticated however I think current gen games will still compare very well to next gen games, where the big leap will be is NPC behaviour, world complexity and scale. The SSDs and CPUs will enable developers to be less constrained, so the dreams and vision will be possible.

Which will be the biggest leap? 360 to X1/Ps4 or X1/PS4 to SeriesX/S + PS5
  • X1 + PS4
  • SeriesX|S + PS5

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Definitely Ps5 and SX.

SSD, much more flexible gpus, great cpu performance…

For example it’s possible for the first time to have SSDs and gpu power/flexibility to have perfect geometry all the times, instead of “the low poly but well covered” design paradigm we currently have.

For me that alone will be a gigantic leap


Without having either, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 by far. More power, more speed, more capabilities. Zen 2 CPU, SSD and just overall better tech will allow both to be far better than PS4/Xbox One. If anything, it’s not even close now so imagine in several years.

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No, ps4 and Xbox one were bigger leaps. This was evident by day one, both had games way better looking than xbox360/ps3. I think the mid-gen refreshes really clouded the leap anyway. Ps3/xbox360 lasted 8 years while the Xbox one x is just 3 years old and even with the jaguar cpu it is still one hell of a console.

Just the difference in the amount of Ram between ps4/Xbox one and ps3/ xbox360 was gigantic.

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Ryse and Killzone SF were something special at launch. Actually both games still look damn good today. Visually I haven’t seen the leap just yet.

When it comes to how fast the dashboard, store, etc is and loading times? Hell yeah!

On one hand, there is A LOT more positive buzz around the new consoles now then back in 2013. I remember in 2013 before the consoles launched there was already a lot of negative talk about how devs are going to have to really cut corners in developments.

Its the opposite now, people gushing over the new consoles, both super powerful out of the gate.

At the same time, we’ve reached or nearly reached the point of diminishing returns with how far you can push graphics. Like do we really need to see more freckles or beads of sweat on a characters face? I’m not expecting the massive visual leap that we’ve had in previous gens, instead I think now this is the gen where frame rate, destruction, AI, physics really are going to outshine visuals.

My cousin has been playing AC Valhalla on the PS5. I know its a 3rd party cross gen game but visually I’m not super blown away by it. It looks amazing, but even AC Odyssey and Origins look amazing and I don’t think AC Valhalla looks THAT much better. What does blow us away is how smooth the game runs at 60 FPS, the particle effects etc.

Demon Souls is another game that looks amazing but not really any better than the top games visually of this gen. But again that 60 FPS really makes a world of difference.

This gen, games can look only slightly better than current gen games, but if they run at 60FPS and load fast because of the SSD’s that already is a bigger next gen feeling and leap than any of the previous gens IMO

I expect open world games and general game design to be the big winners next gen. I dont see why the next GTA cant have NPCs with full and detailed routines and homes to go to. However we may still see a rather sizeable visual leap when devs make there engines with mesh shaders and take advantage of VRS and real time dynamic lighting, but like this gen it will be a balancing act, I dont think we will see advanced, physics, particles, fluid simulations and crazy npc realism as well as all light being real time and fully dynamic, maybe towards the end of the gen. It will be interesting to see where devs land with resolution and framerate, hopefully we will be in for a surprise because there is just much new tech and software, theres VRS,TAA2, DLSS,DIRECT ML, procedural environment generation, cloud tech, there is just so much tech which can save processing power without sacrificing visual quality. Imagine a 1080p native res with DirectML/DLSS reconstructing the image to 4k and VRS, doing that be using the resources of a 900p game which eould be like a game like RDR2 running on a X1 but if Rockstar had nearly 14x the GPU resources, that would be insane, the CPU would probably start to be the bottleneck.

All I can say is when I first got my Xbox one and PS4 all I thought was - yeah nice to have more stable IQ in HD resolutions. But that was it.

Using my Series X is night and day from anything that went before.

So for me it’s an easy answer. Series X is a way bigger jump.

Now if you said PS2 -360/3 I think that is the big jump we won’t see again.

In terms of pure graphical fidelity, the last gen was probably bigger. In terms of everything else, this gen is. The ssds, quick resume, the dual sense, the new hardware improving backwards compatible games. All these things combine for a much better experience.


The potential in these consoles is much higher. There’s a lot of things working against the launch. Xbox One and PS4 were pushing higher quality visuals however there wasn’t room for AI, physics or general game design advancements. The advances in tools will be as important as the hardware this gen. Expect significant leaps across the board this gen once devs get cooking with the fully realized tools.


The ram leap wasn’t as big this time but SSD should compensate for that.

I think with the focus on 60fps this time around made launch games not to be a big overhaul, but for example, if we are able to get games on Hellblade 2 and UE5 demo that will definitely be a bigger leap than ps4 and xbone were.

Yes it will be bigger, but we also need to keep in mind the make up of games has been changing every cycle transition. Every new cycle transition has fewer and fewer ‘next gen’ games built ground up to showcase the new tech on day 1. XSX has basically none a tall wrt graphics and I’d argue neither does PS5 (Gears 5 looks better than DS imho and MM is current gen asset quality with RT). The best looking game that I’ve personally seen so far is XSX-optimized Gears 5, which says something.

We always have incredible looking game visuals at the end of each cycle, but with the market dominated by cross gen stuff for the first 6 months or so it will take more time to really see the leap visually.

The leap in other aspects though, like QR and load times and BC improvements are also important and off to a real good start as a distinction to launch era X1+PS4. We also have the mid gen refreshes from last time to further skew perspectives here.

PS5 & Series X|S. The change in CPUs makes it a HUGE change! Yes the graphical improvements haven’t really been shown yet but quick resume, load times, and 60fps is all the difference in the world!

Diminishing returns means the leap cant be bigger.


(Real life)

the biggest difference between reality and rdr2 is polycount and texture detail, UE5s micropolygon “nanite” tech will help with this, we shoukd get more individual leaves, rocks and twigs.

As we can see here the move from ps2 to ps3 saw the biggest leap in polycount, now with RDR2 or TLOU2 trees or a table look quite close to reality no one is going to mistake what these objects are, the shape is accurate as is the texture quality, of course texture quality can improve as can micro details but compared to a cgi tree the difference is small. Basically the better something looks the harder it is to improve.

Yes but there’s no game that visually looks as good as Ryse and Forza did on Xbox One. Shame Microsoft didn’t manage to have at least 1 or 2 games like that for launch.

There’s diminishing returns on visuals but there’s a lot more to a next gen than what AAA devs push for visuals. There are a lot more smaller devs. With Indies able to push out mainstream visuals, the top to bottom quality of graphics will be a lot greater next gen. It also means more than the standard AAA paint by numbers game design can benefit from high end visuals. Physics and AI finally have the processing power to evolve. This will impact game design and immersion. I predict that despite AAA graphics being at a point of diminishing returns, this new generation will provide a much more balanced evolution for gaming than the previous gen provided.

Edit: Talking to my buddy who’s a game developer, I’m more excited about the potential of gaming than I’ve been since the early years of the 360. There’s so much on the horizon that is barely being discussed right now.



Objectively, yes. At launch? No.