Are we going to organise groups for playing Xbox games online in this forum?

Given the focus that MS seems to have and going to maintain in the future towards multiplayer games, I am now wondering about the possibility of creating threads (or maybe a new section within the forum?) for this purpose.

My real-life friends are all on the Playstation side :rofl: so for me (and for my english :smiley:) this will come in handy.



I guess we could create a Looking for Groups thread. Sure.


Easiest way would probably be to exchange Gamertags, no?

This is a great idea always looking to jump into coop games

Oh that would be nice

Interested if this happens. (depending on games ofc) :slight_smile:

Happy to chuck my Gamertag in the hat :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great idea to me. With so much stuff in Game Pass, it should be easier to organize game nights of different types of games than ever before.

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Sure I always like to interact with other xbox fans :smile:


Or doing an XboxEra club if it doesn’t exist yet.

This is a good idea I will work on it

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Would be cool if there was a ‘looking for group’ sidebar with popular games and if you can see if there are any people ready to go. Halo infinite / sea of Thieves / grounded / Minecraft / Forza / gears / age of empires /… Would be a great addition for the community.

Poor @Predrag :smiley:


There is one.

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There you go. I actually think I am already a member. Could that be?

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Closing the thread, as I just made an official LFG thread