Are Dynasty Warriors 9, DW9 Empires, Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate worth buying on sale?

I noticed on the latest sale that Dynasty Warriors 9 Complete, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires and Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate are all on sale. Any of these worth picking up? I know Samurai Warriors 5 is on sale too but I’ve played that already and I know it’s good. Thank you

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If you’re a fan of these types of games I would say yes. DW9 is a different take on the series as they tried to make an open world version of Dynasty Warriors and while it’s not perfect, I found it to be enjoyable. It feels like they tried to implement too many ideas and didn’t have enough time or talent to pull them off. Having said that, I did play it to completion on Xbox and just recently I’ve been playing it on PS5. I’ve yet to play DW9 Empires though.

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate plays pretty much the same as 3, so if you like 3 or you just like the Warriors formula, you’ll enjoy 4.


Thank you

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I got DW9. It’s really good. I’m a bit pleasantly surprised, I’d heard it sucked. Might wait to pick up the others next time

Yeah, I think people just didn’t like the direction they took with it more than anything. It’s definitely a bit janky, but the core gameplay is still fun and feels like Dynasty Warriors. What’s nice is every location you discover stays discovered for each playthrough and they don’t gate keep you from just exploring if you want to.

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