Are any PS5 photos available?

I know the ones shown during the reveal announcement where render images, as well those in the SONY page, but there’s anyone with a real picture of the console?

(The allegedly photo from the factory was supposedly declared as a photoshop edit)

Nope all we have are 3D renders…

This one was confirmed a shop?



What does it mean ? Still could be real.

Its a very good fake if it is a fake.

Theres even shadowing on the ps5 from his hand!

Also cant find the source pic.

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That picture is most likely real, that tool used to find fake photos doesn’t work all that well. The guy holding it works on the Playstation team.

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I trust more the pictures of the desk with some PS covers / blades? But by the way it looks the surrounding area, it doesn’t seem to be the same “fabric”

Don’t think it’s a fake. Why do some cheap photoshop edit that could be debunked easily when they can use some prototype or even some empty box. But let’s get real, we’re speaking of Sony, not a little company, it’s certainly a real PS5.

I think the early reveal of Xbox Series X take them by surprise, and the Covid pandemic didn’t help them to market it the way they wanted to. It’s certainly still in the factory right now.

Of course differents kinds of rumors are not very good looking for the PS5 right now : no recent showing of the console, back compat maybe limited to PS4, etc… but rumors are what they are, rumors.

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Well I guess people can believe it is fake, but that just puts the production of the PS5 in question even more. They haven’t even shown any mockups, models, or any internal parts of the PS5. They haven’t even shown a rendering of the back where the ports are.

PS5 is basically only one step past Series S as existing at this point.

No it’s not lol