Ara: History Untold is releasing Fall 2024 - exclusive to PC

Originally published at: Ara: History Untold is releasing Fall 2024 - exlusive to PC - XboxEra

During the Developer_Direct show Oxide Games, the team behind Ara: History Untold, revealed a lot more about this 4X strategy game. Let’s get the most important part out of the way first. Ara: History Untold is set to release in Fall 2024 and will be available on Windows, Steam and PC Game Pass.

The team behind Ara: History Untold has a passion for strategy games. The founders and many of the developers at the team have worked on various strategy franchises such as Civilization. The game looks to be fairly ambitious, with many things happening on your screen and a great variation of options at your disposal. It’s a 4X game, so there’s no beating around the bush with this one: it’s going to be complex.

In the Xbox Wire interview with the developers, the team at Oxide Games explains how this depth and complexity could be attained due to backing from Microsoft. They had this to say: ”Trying to pull off something as ambitious as Ara: History Untold – and evolving the strategy space – is a significant challenge. From writing a full new engine, to the detailed level of art, to crafting the living world, to recording hours upon hours of live music; Ara: History Untold’s sheer scale could probably not have been achieved without the right backing.

“Microsoft has been a ginormous partner. A lot of times in games – even if you know they’re super fun, they’ve got huge communities – they don’t always have the most resources put towards them. Or you have the biggest budget, but sometimes a very short production schedule. Microsoft has been amazing to work with in that regard. ‘What do you want to do in the genre space and we will help you achieve those things…’ whereas at other companies, we would have never had this kind of leeway or support.”

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Hope this will rival Civilization because competion is good.

Humankind tried, but it was not a fun game to play IMO.

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I didn’t like Humankind to be honest. This does look to be a better spin on the Civilization type 4X.