April fools joke

So have u guys ever did april fools joke like a bag of dog turd on someone’s front door and lit it on fire until they step on it and have dog turd on the bottom of their foot wear or whatever April fools prank u gents did before?

Adam Sandler did that in a movie, it was amusing to my younger 90s self.

Don’t do that in real life, that’s not cool.

I won’t but I imagine it be funny

I did some pranks as a kid but not on April fools.

In K through 8 school, I got a properly-sized cardboard cut-out of one of PlayStation’s handhelds (forget which exactly - I’m not familiar with PS handhelds) from a magazine. I pretended to play it in class to trick the teacher. I was a straight A student, and all my teachers knew and liked me, my brothers, and my mother (she worked there previously). So, I knew it would go well and it did.


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