Approaching the Tipping Point?

Maybe its just me, but I think were getting to a point now where people have really started to take notice of Xbox. The services, transparency, expanded first-party and insane value for money is just getting too hard to ingore.

Just look at what Xbox is offering:

Xbox Playwhere. Cross-saves within the ecosystem. Smart Delivery. Industry leading Backward-compatible gaming. Cheapest next-gen console. Most powerful next-gen console. xCloud…

…Game Pass. All first party titles on PC. Bethesda. 23 studios. Doom. Starfield. Fallout. Elder Scrolls. idTech engine. Flight Simulator. Full transparency. Full Console breakdowns by DF. Full specs and breakdowns of hardware features revealed.

And of course, the Xbox Media Team who deserve a medal at this point.

I’m seeing posts from gamers on other forums now, there’s an…increased curiosity about playing on Xbox and the ecosystem. Gamers are asking questions and a lot of them seem surprised at what Xbox are - have been - offering now, for some time.

Its just an observation, but I’m noticing this more and more. There’s plenty of more work to be done and this new generation is just getting started, but in my lifetime Xbox has never been in a better position, leagues above where they were in 2013.


Apparently xbox series x preorders sold out in 30 seconds in Korea.
& series S in 1 minute.

This could be due to low allocation, but I guess we will see when it comes to launch.


Yeah there’s a ton of positive buzz. I’ve seen lots of comments to the effect of, “I only had PS4 last gen, but I’m really interested in Game Pass and I’m picking up up a Series S this gen” or “I’m picking up a Series X on launch day for Fallout and I’ll get around to a PS5 whenever God of War 2 comes out.”

Even on ResetEra, over the past week seemingly every Xbox thread is applauding something and every PS5 thread is about something Sony did that’s bothering people.

It’s a completely different vibe from 2013. I’m sure that PS5 will still beat Xbox in sales early on, they’re coming in from a dominant position and PS5’s launch lineup is stronger, but as the generation progresses I think it’s going to be a close competition.


It’s a different situation from Xbox One launch that’s for sure.

Back then Xbox One, and Microsoft itself was seen as being out of touch with the market. An overpriced, over bundled (Kinect was of course their big thing but the market disagreed), underpowered machine Vs a PS4 that was cheaper and had the things people wanted, games.

Now? It’s a weird story. Coronavirus has messed up both production pipelines for games but the platforms are of course ready.

That and the fact that this time the Series X and S are price competitive, power competitive and with a focus on games with Game Pass especially that can attract a lot of people who left Xbox behind last time.

It’ll definitely be a more competitive generation, but the PS5 is still powerful and has a great platform there too, so with incumbent advantage will sell well too, very well of course.

The purchase of Zenimax, changed the entire landscape of gaming. MS now owns some of the most played and valuable franchises in the world. The value of Game Pass just increased ten fold, there is no subscription service like it in terms of quality and ecosystem.


They need to make some adverts,

I see new Playstation/PS5 ads all the time on YouTube this month.

I see a gamepass add sponsored by Pringles but you only see the gamepass logo for a second at the beginning.they need specific xbox series s/x ads.


Would have been a picture perfect launch if Halo Infinite came through looking like the 2019 trailer (on Series X).

i feel if one means “being in the best position they have been in since the 360 era” i feel we’ve been past the tipping point for a while . every step has been better and better since about 2018 with the only real set back being halo as of this moment .

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Yeah MS needs to improve their marketing.

You know every major tech reviewer has an Xbox Series X on hand, that’s effective marketing. They are also doing real world marketing with partnerships like Monster Energy, Taco Bell, Cereal brands, Pizza pops, etc.

Digital marketiing has a much farther reacher and much more targeted to the right audience than TV does. TV ads is the old way of marketing and it will never be effective as digital marketing.

From the original ERA:

I’m in the UK and I’ve not seen a single TV advert for either console. Yet. These days I think social media and direct marketing is more effective.

I think TV advertising is on the way out in favor of internet.

MS has all the juice right now, a ton of momentum, and the most goodwill and mindshare they’ve had in a long time. Perfect storm heading into a launch…

Def. believe all the moves they’ve made will find bigger dividends as the new gen moves forward.

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Not surprising at all when corporations can specifically target their adverts on the Internet due to all the information people give away unknowingly.

Haven’t seen this much positivity around Xbox in years

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I had the OG Xbox, and the 360. Went straight from Dreamcast to Xbox. Never owned a PS2 or PS3. But the Xbox One launch was just so terrible in so many now legendary ways, that I actually went PS4 at the beginning of the gen. It took until the Xbox One X came out that I got back into Xbox. I will most likely get both PS5 and XSX this next gen, but I am way more excited for the XSX than PS5 now. I think the XSX is better than the PS in more ways than the tflop advantage alone. Things like ML, VRS, Mesh Shaders, Velocity, SFS etc are going to extend the XSX advantage in more ways.

I think as soon as Starfiled is announced as exclusive, the tide will turn dramatically. Microsoft could seriously win this generation. Like, thats a real possibility.