Apple |OT| Think different 🍏

A thread for all you Apple fanboys out there, counting me.

According to the newest rumors, besides the iPhone 12 line, Apple will also introduce new iPads (Micro-LED displays?) and of course the ARM MacBook.

I’m currently rocking the iPhone 11 and loving it. Previously had the 5S, 6S and 7. Also have the iPad Air 2 (pretty beaten up by my 3 yo son, lol). Sadly sold my MacBook Pro 2015 some time ago, but planning to get a new one with an iPad Pro this year.

So who’s hyped for the iPhone 12? I’ll probably get the Pro Max model at launch.

Oh, and totally watch Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet on Apple TV+. A great comedy show about game dev.

Yo, Apple freaks, where are you at? :eyes:

There’s probably not a ton of Apple freaks here, after the whole xCloud debacle lol.

I enjoy Apple products though. My Macbook Pro is fantastic, my iPhone XR is pretty good, and I think my Apple TV 4K is the best streaming device on the market.

Looking forward to seeing what they have in store with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I’m ready for an upgrade and I want a larger phone. I’d be lying if I said the Note 20 Ultra hasn’t tempted me. Hopefully we hear news that iOS devices at least get Console Streaming from Xbox, if not full-blown xCloud support.

Oh, I am here. Could care less about services like XCloud, as long as my Apple software is nice and secure. Shame that MS couldn’t find a way to work with them, but not much of a surprise. Looking forward to IOS 14. And I love that my work laptop is a Mac …

And for the record, I hope that Apple slam dunks Epic in court. But most know that already

Outside my new Surface Book everything in my house is Apple.

I love their stuff but they’re making it hard to want to stay with them.

  • Keeping the stupid notch
  • No fingerprint scanner in the screen
  • XCloud shenanigans

They’re just starting to annoy me lately.

Bought a iPhone 8 Plus when the iPhone X came out because of these two things, I was a bit iffy on the FaceID. Won’t be upgrading until they get rid of the notch or when I’m forced too because they no longer update the iPhone 8 haha.

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I have no choice, as I’m already locked into their ecosystem.

I have the samsung S20 Ultra. I wish they’d put the scanner on the back instead. It’s less accurate and slower.

I’m just not interested in FaceID for everything. It’s dumb.