2v2 Slayer within the Flood infested interiors of High Charity. Designed for direct encounters and predicting rotations to encourage map control in a similar way to how you could in Bungie’s old maps. Use the teleporter to get the drop on unsuspecting enemies or coordinate flanks using side-routes or the bottom Flood tunnel to pinch opponents who are out of position.


Review - Champ Champ Champion.

Certified has been on top of Infinite Forge since day 1 releasing three top quality original maps in just two months. His first one was featured in the 343 Halo Forge Video Series back in October and November. Before others had figured out scaling he had his art down and super down. This map is beyond Dev Quality in every aspect and in some ways superior. His use of the Hexagons inside the wreckage is the best aesthetic I have seen yet. The piece usage is perfect.The dynamic paths with the over under on the edges is also an excellent aspect lending to exciting gunfighting in those areas.The theme goes in and out only come back again giving it a living feel and a much deeper history and depth. This map deserves its own lore. So hit em up Hidden Xperia and make this Iconic. A Halo Forge Masterpiece. Full Video Feature Available on Brusky on YouTube this week.
Great work man , keep it up. -Josh Bruce