Apex Legends Season 7 Gameplay Trailer

Don’t know if many other people are into Apex Legends, I’m an Apex junkie myself.

This week the hype for Season 7 is sky high, it’s gonna be the biggest season on Apex ever, and there’s never been a better time to jump in and experience the game, and the released trailers are really well made.


The new map Olympus looks so good.

Can’t wait to try Horizon too.


I’m excited to try her. However, I am usually a more defensive player, so I’ve been having a ton of fun with Rampart, which has even become my new main. Hoping they buff her on season 7, although she will kind of get 2 indirect buffs, in the way of the new trident car, but also the L-Star is getting buffed too.

Horizon looks like a very promising legend with fun abilities.