Apex Legends |OT| Stories from the Outlands

A new stories from the outlands trailer has dropped for season 6 showing off a bit more about the latest character. Really interested to see more of her and what changes they make for the new season.

Any other Apex players on here?


Fellow legend here! Nice, we are seeing gameplay today:

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Ah that’s great to hear!

Are we expecting a new map or a revised old map for this season? I’m not sure if they’ve said.

Revised World’s Edge, with changes to some locations (Drill Site and others, not sure).

Rampart sounds awesome.

Have they released full details on her abilities and passive yet? Looking forward to trying the new SMG and the G7 skin in the trailer looks awesome.

Looks like we are gettin A-walls.

Rampart specific trailer.

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Respawn has shared a number of articles detailing the new update:

Patch Notes

New Crafting System

Map Changes

Who’s jumping in today? :raising_hand_man:

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