Anyone played crossfire x recently ? It's improved since the terrible launch!

There are heaps of guns to unlock now, lots of maps in both modern and classic game modes, and you can queue up for all game modes at once much like cod now.

Worth a retry everyone ! Easy to find matches too.

This game may come back in 2023 if people realize it’s still getting support and lots of support at that !

Huge improvement from day 1


Are you just trolling us to get us to try it out and be horrified?


I don't believe you April Fools Day


Yeah i played it, it not even that bad as some reviewers and people said it is. The Default settings feel off so i adjust it to my liking and it plays fine. It still nowhere polish as other Western Shooter but it better than the OG Crossfire for sure.

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No im not trolling, check it out, way more content and the gunplay is decent


Boot it up over xcloud and give it a try, literally no excuse when downloads aren’t required to try games


I remember the campaign, holy crap that was bad. MP just felt bad too. Maybe I’ll give it a try sometime again. But no hurry, if I want to shoot i can go for MW2 or Halo too.

It’s worth checking out Crossfire x now, loving classic mode especially. Reminds me of cs go on the 360!

Yeah, I tried campaign as well and it was easily one of the worst things I played in a while. Not great movement, kind of meh writing which disappointed me from Remedy. Disappointing, as I had a lot of hope for the game. I played a bit of the original multiplayer overseas years ago and thought it was interesting so was hoping for more.


Try it out on GamePass everyone! There is an event on now with some sweet free cosmetics to unlock !

It was never as bad as some made out


I agree. Simple fun in parts and I liked the single player mode

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The multiplayer is fantastic now, try it out Xbox era !

For free it’s not bad and I really enjoyed the single player mode.