Anyone own one of those Hyperkin Duke controllers?

How are they? Is it just a fun novelty? I dig the Duke in general.

I’m tickled green by the very concept of playing through my Steam library on a Duke of all things. I couldn’t help myself and finally scored a cheap one online. That little OG Xbox animation in the center of the pad alone seems worth the price of admission. Master Chief Collection about to be hype with this.

I still bust mine out for original Xbox sessions here and there. Certain games, I genuinely do feel like playing with a Duke is the superior experience - i.e. GunValkyrie, I’m lookin’ at you.

If there’s any community down with the Duke - it’s gotta be Xbox Era… right? Let’s talk shop, kids.

Duke is fun for playing backwards compatible OG xbox games on Xbox One. The Xbox One controller is still the best gaming controller for me personally.

Playing Series X with a Duke though

Outside of the garbage dpad, I loved the Duke. I even drove a pretty long distance to buy a new one when they were rare back in the day. I’m 6’5", so it felt great in my hands and preferred it for every genre other than fighters where I used the s-model.

Got the hyperkin re-release day one and it feels just as good. Was really impressed how much they matched the original. The first thing I did was play Halo CE and it was like the good ol days. The animation on the home button is also really awesome. Was interesting to find out the Xbox boot animation was a 3D algorithm and not a set animation.

Own it? I’m responsible for it!


Tempted to add these to my controller collection as I’ve been sticking to official MS releases and not 3rd party, even though this is officially licensed. Would like to see an “S” version down the line.

You collect first party MS controllers?

They also make this cool guy which looks like it’d be perfect for emulation/side scrollers.

Hyperkin is solid af too. Always a nice build.

I want to get one. I just find most controllers, especially novelty ones, a bit on the expensive side. Same reason I haven’t bitten the bullet on the Elite controller.

I don’t have many irl friends and the ones I do have all have controllers of their own.