Anyone gone back to Halo 5? It's easily got the best gunplay and movement in the series

I honestly feel if Halo 5 came out last year as a F2P multiplayer game it would be huge. The gunplay is perfection, the movement options are great and let’s not forget how amazing it feels to reload the pistol or BR with the vibrating triggers.

In a vacuum Infinite is a solid game, and the campaign was clearly better than 5, but multiplayer wise… Theres no contest in my opinion.

I just miss Warzone.

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I agree, no contest. Infinite is far better playing than 5, which was far better playing than any Halo before it.


Nah sorry, Halo 5 feels kinda floaty now


Sometimes, the main problem I currently have with Infinite is the server desync still being so awful I feel it nearly every game. But Infinite just feels better to play, because it feels heavier than Halo 5, sometimes it reminds me of playing Skyrim in that regard.

Halo 5 even with the issues that cropped up at the end, has things that are better, like much better servers than Infinite, better weapons, better feeling vehicles compared to what I have tried: ghost and banshee, the chopper isn’t in 5 but that just feels bad to use. Player collision - although this is something 343 will have to address in Infinite eventually, I also want the freaking sportan armor back.

My favorite part about Halo 5’s multiplayer is the SWAT mode, being able to use pistols instead of Infinite’s choice to use the Battle Rifle.

That Halo 5 pistol is a thing of beauty.

Halo 5 got crapped way more than it deserved but infinite has by far the best plyer movement and mechanics of probably any FPS. The gameplay mechanics and player movement are just amazing and a joy to play for infinite.

Yeah, same. Apart from that, I haven’t really missed anything else.

I like the move set of it a lot, but imo HI holds the crown.

Probably never going to happen, but I would love if they have 3 or more distinct campaign types on Infinite going forward.

The “classic revamped” we got in HI, a sequel to ODST iterating from that, and true sequel of H5 at least gameplay wise justifying the extra move set.

Nah, Halo Infinite is better.


You couldn’t pay me to play that game again

I hated Halo 5 multiplayer. The worst in the series for me. After about 2 weeks of it, I went back to Halo 4. I would try it off and on again over the years, but IMO it wasn’t good. Can’t describe exactly why, but I was pretty good at Halo 4, I am alright at Halo Infinite, but Halo 5 not sure if it is the controls, gameplay, damage counters or what, but I could barely do anything in MP matches. I get there is a learning curve to each one, but 5 always stood out in a negative way. I’d rather play Halo 4 or Reach over 5 if Inifinite did not exist.

I haven’t gone back to Halo 5 because I’ve moved on but I’ve got fond memories of enjoyment out of it. Loved the multiplayer in that game, however I generally don’t go back to older multiplayer games when new iterations release.

I loved 5’s gunplay. The starting pistol is still one of my favorite weapons in the series. I wouldn’t mind Infinite bringing that to some modes eventually. That said, Infinite is a little more dynamic. 5’s sandbox is flatter. One thing isn’t necessarily better than the other. It’s a preference. I think 5 tried to flatten it out to make it appeal to the competitive community more. We’re now seeing pushback by the competitive community to flatten out Infinite’s gameplay loop (by reducing the effectiveness of weapons that don’t take as much precision, weighting down the physics, etc)…and I think the more they do that, the less appealing it’ll be for casuals and newcomers.

5’s gameplay loop is still the sweatiest in the series. Just depends on what you want Halo balanced towards.

Halo 5 certainly feels great still today but it’s still too much for me with the spartan abilities.

I think all Halos feel great, with tweaks and slight changes to the overall feel and pacing that caters to different Halo fans. That’s why we still see some claiming Halo 2, 3, 5, Infinite, etc have the best gameplay. Halo 5 is a lot of fun still, but too sweaty for me to prefer above the rest. I’d prefer to play Infinite or 3 personally.

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I said the same about Halo 5

I adore how Infinite feels. I’d need to go back and play 5 again to give a winner for certain.

But I suspect Infinite would just beat out 5 for me in the end. Both basically peerless though in terms of pure feel in FPSes outside probably Titanfall.


Every Halo game has its own gameplay and identity. I like that a lot about the series.

Halo 5 had a philosophy for the gameplay that has been partly abandonned in Infinite, especially for the movement with spartan abilities. It was not as bad as people make it out to be.


Infinite lacks the trigger vibration… Instant loss in my book

Could be a weird me thing but I’d find it really hard to go back to any Halo running at 60 or lower. Just doesn’t feel as clean and responsive to me as 120 does on Infinite. Just a personal preference though.