Anybody think Xbox should give away Gears 5 in December with GWG?

Feel like the game is having a second life and this would be a great way to get more people into it + incentivize people into game pass.

What do yall think?

But it’s already on Game Pass, how would putting it onto GWG incentivise that?

GWG December should have a Series enhanced game but not one already on the Game Pass ecosystem.


Going by past months Ms’ mo has been the opposite: Make gold as terrible as possible so people who want good games have to sub to gamepass, so I can’t really see they adding anything meaningful to it.


Yeah no… it’s on Game Pass allready. GwG is mostly shovelware nowadays to keep up the appearance of value with free games added to the MP-tax.

No, gwg is pretty irrelevant now.

If anything, Microsoft should just get rid of Games With Gold.


Eh why not although its hard to imagine Xbox owners now that aren’t using Game Pass aside super casuals who may buy and play 1-2 games per year.,

Then again those gamers will probably make up the majority of both XsX and PS5 user bases.

Why do you want to get fewer “free” games each month?

I don’t play online so I have no use for Gold. I just see the monthly offering as low tier so like, why even bother? Stop paying these publishers for mediocre games and instead, pay for better games for Game Pass. Of course, im one who believes that Microsoft should and eventually will eliminate Gold completely. Also, just because a game is “free” doesn’t make it a good game.

GwG is a senile old man bed ridden and on life support, just waiting to be pulled the plug on.

Games with Gold is awful. It seems to have lost its identity after they introduced Game Pass. I haven’t played a Games with Gold game in years but i still find myself downloading them all anyways.

No, because it would piss Game Pass Ultimate members up.