Any one guide me for Xbox one Game list

I bought xbox one game cansole , Can any one guide me , Best First person Shooting game with low price in india (Exp : Sniper elite 5 ) i want to know this kind of game , like sniper weapon games .

Sniper Elite 5 (or even 4) is a great game. I’m not sure of the pricing in India, but you can use the Xbox site to keep an eye on things that go on sale:

I’ll also point out that Sniper Elite 5 is in Game Pass, which means if you wanted to sign up for the subscription program and have access to everything else that is available, you can play it there for less than buying the game or you can get a discount on the game if you decide to buy. There are several hundred games in Game Pass and that way you can try stuff to see if you like it.

Can u say the offer price for this game

Your best bet is to search either from your xbox or from the website to see specific prices. Sometimes people will see different prices as sales are applied. There are also different versions, as some include additional missions.

Check out this link for game pass to see the cost

And you can see sniper elite 5 versions here. I’m sending a screenshot of what prices show up but because I am a Game Pass member I probably see a lower price. For example, I see the complete edition at 70% off, but not sure what price it would be if I weren’t in game pass. The version that is included in the game pass subscription currently is the regular version which does not include the additional dlc items, but as you can see, being a member lets you buy that full version at a much cheaper price.

Some other great shooter games are any of the Halo titles (which also are included in Game Pass), and I’m sure others probably have suggestions for other great ones.

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You have to be able to resist microtransactions, but there are also lots of free to play shooters.

I like Halo Infinite which includes sniper weapons. Warzone is very popular. XDefiant is a COD knockoff. Slipgate is a Halo mashed with Portal. ETA: Overwatch 2, Apex Legends.

They are not first person shooters but at least in the US, the following games are free and have no MTX: Crackdown 1, Crackdown 2, Lost Odyssey, Phantom Dust. So might as well try those for free.

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