Any downside to keeping Series X controller plugged into wall?

Is there any downside to keeping my Series X pad plugged into my wall here? Ive got a power brick and a long ass usb-c cable. Might as well conserve the life of these AAs…

What about those Eneloops everyone always raves about? How do you keep your controller going? Rechargeable battery?

Please help. Happy Saturday gaming guys :innocent:

Idk about downsides except ugliness and annoying cables.

I use IKEA’s LADDA rechargeables, they are Eneloops in disguise and works super, super well. Still using the first ones I bought without any noticeble loss in duration, and they last a long time. Buy the charger they have as well, it’s very good and you’re set with fresh ones always ready.

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Im just assuming theres no downside if i leave my AAs in as all

Seems like its harmless

Hmmm never even knew ikea sold batteries

I’ve got one of these:

And two controllers, each with its own battery pack. One I keep fully charged, resting on the charger, and the other is the one I actively use. When the one in use is low on batteries, I swap it with the one on the charger. This way I never find myself out of juice, and don’t have to remember to plug anything in.

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Yeah, they are made in the same factory as Eneloops iirc, it’s the same stuff but cheaper since, well IKEA. Mucho recommend.