Another Crab’s Treasure (Coming to Game Pass) | Review


Looks like it’ll be enjoyable for me (if only after enabling Nick-mode).


Nick mode = big gun and no cutscenes?

Those accessibility options are super welcome. Fuck any game becoming unnecessarily frustrating and unfair.

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Only thinking about the less npc damage and more character damage. I do love story so cutscenes are fine, provided they dont pre-emptively take control away from you and go on for hours at a time like certain franchises do.

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I just finished this game yesterday, and I had a ton of fun with it. I am not great at “souls like” games, so the ability to tweak those accessibility options was very welcome and kept me enjoying the game clear through the end.


I just finished it too. I like it, it is great to see someone making an easier/more accessible souls like. Thoroughly enjoyable for the most part.

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