Anime games Ideas

Weird/Unique anime game ideas that aren’t being done?

Zoids - Mech BattleRoyal

Death Parade - R rated Party game collection

Well, i guess it may be obvious, but a mussou based on Kingdom.

A Rogue-like based on Tensei Shitara Slime Datta ken could also work.

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Attack on Titan cinematic singleplayer horror game

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Not my idea but a JoJo’s bizzare adventure game in the style of the Yakuza games. It’s a match made in heaven honestly.


Black clover jrpg with kh level production values

Mha fighting game similar to ultimate ninja storm, or my hero warriors.

Anything fire force. Dr. Stone rts game GANGSTA. game similar to yakuza with worick and nico playable. But worick story is more detective drama ish( think mob version of la noire or somethin, maybe Even max Payne.) With nico story being basic yakuza style gameplay except he uses he’s sword to fight and he’s restricted on how bad je can hurt regular humans

Soul eater X fire force cross-over game Rave master X fairy tail X edens zero cross-over game. Durarara game similar to persona, smt, or twewy

We need a Parasyte game with badass combat and traversal like yesterday.


An open world rpg one piece where you can upgrade your ship and drive it through the seas. A third person shooter cowboy bebop game. A third person adventure with made in abyss. A hajime no ippo game simmilarly to punch out. A kimetsu no yaiba game simmilarly to god of war ps4 A cinematic horror action aventure game with yakusoku no neverland


I mean JoJo is basically the Persona series.

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