Android tablet tips for Gamepass streaming (xCloud)

Like so many others I have been really excited for xCloud. Especially playing couch coop at home with one player on Xbox and another on xCloud. Lots of games suddely become local coop - Sea of thieves, Grounded, many fps etc

… and like many others I only have an iPhone/iPad. … and it really does seem like we wont be getting iOS Gamepass streaming, possibly at all, because … well… Apple :frowning:

I am am also REALLY invested in the apple ecosystem with family and friends etc. I just wont be switching my main phone.

I NEED Gamepass streaming though and the best alternative seems to be some sort of Android tablet. I do not want another phone and phones are usually more expensive anyway.

I imagine there are more people in my exact situation and I thought we could use this thread for tips on good Gamepass streaming Android devices

I have no tips myself yet as I just started looking but what I want is

  • small form factor (like ipad mini)
  • dockable with Xbox One Controller through adapter
  • good wifi connection (5ghz at least - wifi 6 a plus)
  • no 5G needed
  • nice screen
  • ok battery
  • willing to pay premium

Windows Central posted an article which covered some of the best tablets to use with xCloud.

Hopefully this helps.


Nice - but none of these go the actual experience with a controller adapter/snap on/usb-connection for low latency

I would really prefer a small size on the screen and just dock an xbox one controller underneath. Have not seen this solution for tablets, only for phones?

It is early days i guess and more products will appear…

I am looking at a cheap phone as an alternative

Samsung Galaxy A21s

It seems to cover everything - i wont use it as a phone, just for streaming

Would still to see someone try before i buy…

My household is heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem at this time. What I’m doing is converting the only Android device in my house, Amazon Fire HD 8, by sideloading the Google play store.

I just purchased a switch-like Android controller for $30 and have no clue of it will even be compatible with a fire tablet.

So basically cheap Bluetooth controller mixed with cheap tablet lol

I bought a Samsung Tab A6 Lite and paired it up with a PS4 controller… I had some bluetooth issues with my Xbox One controller, sometimes it just lost connection for a couple of seconds and I never ever use my PS4 second controller anyway…

Only tested out Xbox console strearming so far and it works - really looking forward to the Game pass streaming beta today!

Sorry for the necro bump here, but now that xCloud has “launched”, has any tablet emerged as a go-to for streaming?

Hoping to keep costs under $400. It would be used strictly for xCloud and general Internet browsing.

The articles posted are a few months old; not sure if the info is outdated at this point.

Samsung Tab A6 Lite works great for me

However my xbox one controller has some bluetooth issues so i use a ps4 controller instead

Played many hours overall