An online event will be held on October 25th to celebrate 25 years of Age of Empires

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During the 6 hour Xbox stream at Gamescom the co-founder of Forgotten Empires Bert Beeckman revealed the Age of Empires team will be celebrating 25 years of Age of Empires during a special online event on October 25th.

On that day the recently announced DLC ‘Ottomans and Malians’ will release. But, besides that the team also has announcements planned for that day.

On top of that on October 25th Red Bull and World’s Edge are collaborating on the Red Bull Wololo Legacy tournament. It includes a $200,000 prize pool and spans across Age of Empires, Age of Empires II and Age of Empires IV.


I was opening this thread, ahaha.

However, i’m Happy to hear they’ll have a big event and i’m assuming this Will be the right Place to:

  1. announce the First expansion (not for free) for Aoe4 with new campaigns and one or two more civilizations (maybe Byzantines and Japanes);

  2. announce the Xbox version;

  3. announce the AOMde;

  4. the Future of the saga: my Hope It Will be a new Aoe set in the ancient times. unfortunately the definitive edition of the First title has been not so good because there weren’t really improvements: no formations, Gates, etc…

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You are setting yourself up for disappointment. :stuck_out_tongue:

2 and 3 are pretty realistic predictions. The 4th would be my desire.

Is there a proper thread also on restera? I can’t post there anymore.

There was a thread on the DLC. I haven’t seen any place that reported on this news. It was only one sentence said by Beeckman during the 6 hour stream. Easily glossed over. :stuck_out_tongue:

I doubt, not when he showed his beautiful t-shirt with the 25th anniversary logo.

Age of Mythology DE and New campaigns for AoE 4 are the 2 big things i wannna see from the franchise. They are kinda wishful atm though so I do feel expecting them at an anniversary event, especially when the free dlc would have only recently been released at this stage, is seeting myself up for disapointment

Still, I can dream

Coming to console. We are playing anywhere, right?

Time to live up to the slogans. :wink:


We better get an Xbox version

The forthcoming 25th-anniversary online event scheduled for October 25th promises to be a spectacular celebration. Not only will fans get their hands on the eagerly awaited ‘Ottomans and Malians’ DLC, but the Age of Empires team also has some exciting announcements up their sleeves for that momentous day. Now, if you’re thinking of hosting your own gaming event or any event in general, you might want to consider checking out Santa Monica Event Production. They offer top-notch event production services in Santa Monica, ensuring that your event runs smoothly and becomes a memorable experience for all attendees.

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The 25th anniversary and the Ottomans and Malians released last year.