AMD's FidelityFX is here for Xbox Series X|S



Too bad it’s just a subset of the implementations at this time but hopefully they catch up soon


Is it only for windows PC and Xbox series x and s or can it be for PlayStation too

I think some might be for ps5 like CAS but some are hardware specific like VRS, so there’s no way to port to ps5

Today, IGN received confirmation from Microsoft that AMD’s new supersampling tech will support the Xbox Series X/S.

“At Xbox, we’re excited by the potential of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology as another great method for developers to increase framerates and resolution. We will have more to share on this soon,” a Microsoft spokesperson told IGN.


Its open source, of course devs can use it in their Xbox Series games.

the interesting part is: “We will have more to share on this soon”. The results i have seen of AMD Super Resolution weren’t very impressive but it would be nice if Microsoft gave us the option to activate it for backwards compatible games to improve the image quality at least a bit.


Something nice to wait with until MS applies more ML into their games.


I am sure this can be used in the Series consoles but doesnt MS have ML that devs can use? That might be better as it will use the consoles hardware.

Yes, we know both series consoles have support for Int-4 and Int-8, so there is nothing from what I understand that stops devs from using them for ML upscaling, especially because DirectML is a thing so the API is there.

The only problem is we have yet to see it being used, but I have an inkling the first game that will use ML on the Xbox is Forza Motorsport.

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Series S will be even more of a beast.

It’s safe to assume that every first-party game is going to use the full power of the consoles.

I expect 4k 60fps and 1440p 60fps as bare minimum for every game.


Great for 1st party games. Sony will make sure 3rd parties don’t boost series x versions.