AMD announces Ryzen Z1 and Z1 Extreme chips for handheld gaming PCs


Seeing AMD succeed after so many years of Intel dominance (for some good, and plenty of not-so-good reasons) is not only a welcome sight but a needed one. Hopefully, the revenue made from partnering with Sony and Microsoft (and the various labs that are utilizing Epyc CPUs for supercomputing) is providing enough to continue down this path where they can not only compete with Intel, but surpass them occasionally (as we’ve seen in several cases thus far).


From a technology standpoint that is pretty awesome.

With that said, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a market (Handheld gaming PCs) become so saturated and uninteresting so quickly. Like, it legitimately went from novel and exciting to “I’ve heard enough about these” is a matter of months.

I think they’ll remain pretty interesting as the power/battery life continues to improve.

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That’s almost as powerful as a PlayStation 5 and more than the series S. If anything, this means the series S could possibly be slimmed down to a handheld. If Xbox does get Sega and they try to get out a new Game Gear this would help.

Thats not more powerful than a Series S. Memory bandwidth is also a bit low, but at 720p to 1080p resolutions should be fine mostly.

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Tech is always evolving. 1080p in a handheld is the sweet spot. 7 inch screen 1080p. 60-120. Anything more then that at the screen size is wasted pixle and more importantly battery IMO.


My eyes are on this. Curious how this turns out.

Game Gear X sounds good

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Pricing on the handhleds that come out of these new APU’s will be key but with them supporting windows 11 it sort of takes away the need for an xbox version. A portable gamepass machine where I can quickly switch between console and portable is quite appealing. I do hope Microsoft as a whole supports the effort and maybe gets a windows 11 version that is slimmed down for handheld that offers more resources for the gaming side

We take all of this

And push it into a nice small laptop casing with a nice battery life :slight_smile: .