Amazon's MMO New World Gets an update about release

We will be changing our launch date - and correspondingly, our final beta test - to spring 2021. We don’t make the decision lightly, and we have urgency about getting the game to you as quickly as possible at the best quality – with some additions that will make the experience even better.

We’re passionate about the game we’ve been making and want to add more features and content before we share it with a wider audience. As a thank you to our community, we will be providing a special opportunity for our Beta sign-up and pre-order customers (plus our Alpha testers, thank you!) to play the full game of New World - in its current state, for a limited period of time starting on August 25th. We will send an email directly to those customers detailing the process to participate. We’re confident that you’ll feel that the game has as much promise as we do, and will understand why we want to take the extra time to make this experience the best it can be at release.

Out of the loop here. Any chance this will get a console release? Would like to invest myself in an mmo when Series X drops.

So far only Windows.

Amazon making a shocking discovery: game developing is hard.


Nothing announced or hinted at yet. I was in the first alpha and it honestly was pretty awful. Next to no PvE content and no indication that it was going to be a major focus. I think they’ve changed that a little based on feedback but I’d still expect the main focus to be guild based PvP.

I’d say if you’re wanting a console MMO then Elder Scrolls Online is by far your best bet on Xbox, at least until Final Fantasy XIV finally comes out for it