Amazon UK Pre-Order

Hey anyone been charged by Amazon UK yet?

Getting pretty anxious ngl.


I pre-ordered from Amazon BR and I have not been charged yet. I believe they only charge after shipping.

I’m pretty anxious aswell. I do not even have a estimated delivery date yet lol

I have a estimated delivery so I guess thats something

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Not yet mate. UK here, have estimated delivery date of Nov 10th so that’s positive at least.

I’m expecting they start processing today or tomorrow. If we’re lucky may even get the console a day early!

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Amazon UK charge upon shipment, don’t worry.

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They won’t charge you until they dispatch it which is often the night before release…there is no need to be concerned.


Hopefully mate haha

Anyone got any updates on there end?

I got an email confirmation that I will get my console for release date :slight_smile:

From the US side, I am currently being told that I will get mine on Thursday and still no update on when it will be shipped, so thats great

Amazon US really seems to have blown it from what ive heard

Do you have Prime?

I do indeed. But I also preordered the moment in went up on the 22nd, I was refreshing like a mad man lol

Let’s go :smiley:

Same mines updated to Tuesday by 8pm nowwww

Series X: Dispatched and arriving tomorrow.

Series S: Not dispatched but arriving tomorrow by 8pm.

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Dunno what’s going on now.

Charged for both S and X. Both consoles dispatched but not out for delivery yet, but both of them are at a post office depot 30 miles from me. Emails say consoles arriving Wednesday. Web site says consoles arriving today.


Normal circumstances that’s how amazon always works for me. Mine is the same. 30 miles away not yet out for delivery but amazon usually don’t go out for me till late morning and then get here late pm or early evening.

I’d ignore the emails for now since they are automated and won’t reflect a launch product process. Just cross fingers.

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Unacceptable! I’ve already given the desk the X will be sitting on a good clean-up to make sure its dust free! :grinning:

I’m actually off work this week so I’m not too stressed about this. But getting it today and doing some Series-X enhanced laps in Forza Horizon 4 would be nice. :wink:

Wish I was off work. I did have Weds- Friday booked off but just been called in for tomorrow and Thursday for cover as someone has to isolate as their child has been sent home and we need one person in the office. Bit rubbish as normally I’m in 1 day or 2 max a week yet in Xbox launch week I’m in Tuesday-Thursday! Sitting here just wishing I could get going. By the time I download updates I’ll be too tired to play. But I’m 40 and have learned to live with these annoyances!

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