Amazon Luna service launches in US

Amazon has launched their Luna game streaming service in the US.

So who’s going to give it a try?

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And Xbox is going to take that personal.

I might give it a shot.

Having a rotating monthly catalog for prime members is a good move.

A month is too short IMO, but perhaps they are treating it as trials to get people to buy the games.


I didn’t think Luna sold games for their service. The articles i saw said it wasn’t like Stadia, then described how the offer “channels” of games.

So no PS Now, Stadia or Luna in Australia



Have no fear, Spartacus will be there. I think.

Stadia is going to be gone soon. Don’t worry about that

PSNow has easy workarounds. Piss easy actually if you’re on PC but PSNow on PC is a waste of space.

Is there something to do with Streaming in Aus? I mean when Sony say Streaming. We know they mean PS3 games. They might just remove the PS3 games and lower the price. You can’t charge the same price in every country if certain features are missing.

Probably just Sony does not rent servers nearby or something. After all, even in Europe sometimes the services are not available even if they are available in the country across the border.

PSNow is still limited to 720p streaming and 30FPS too in some cases. Maybe its changed now but when I had it years ago that was the case.

Spartacus has to offer 1080p

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