Amazon Luna Games

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Some of the games they have:


This is where MS will get their real competition in the broader gaming space imho.


I find it really weird how this thing got No More Heroes before PC.

I’m interested in how they push each other in terms of interface. Exploration, findability, and speed.

The Gamepass app on the console is surprisingly well done, to the point where I wish the store borrowed elements from it. But Amazon has a ton of relevant experience in this area so I’m excited to see what they can bring to the table.

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Possibly Amazon is handing out stacks of cash like Stadia was to get games on their platform.

Yeah the model for organizing content is interesting. Luna is looking like a literal gaming version of cable TV with pay-to-play channels and a base tier. Could be interesting seeing if Game Pass does anything to specifically alter title organization/discoverability, then again so far it seems to do great in the latter which is what matters.

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Not anytime soon.

Online Streaming only games has enormous limitations for a lot of people. Also Amazon have no exclusive library. Sony MS and Nintendo do. Amazon are at least being smart and realistic and adding sub services to the games unlike Google who laughably tried to force full price purchases.

Ya don’t need exclusives to provide a compelling service. Ya just need lots of convenience and good pricing to make up for it. Streaming isn’t nearly as far off as most seem to believe. It will be mainstream in a few yrs. There’s a reason all the big tech companies are pushing into it now. Amazon has yet to show too much interest in throwing its cash around though. Certainly a sleeping giant situation there potentially. Their own internal management of studios isn’t a threat anytime soon though, I’d agree there.

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